“it was when I stopped searching for home within others

and lifted the foundations of home within myself

I found there were no roots more intimate than those

between a mind and body that have decided to be whole.”

- Rupi Kaur..



Yoga's got my back!

Geplaatst op 27 oktober, 2019 om 16:15

Yoga is not only to try to embody the Asana's that we have seen others doing... The one's our teacher shows us,
the ones we saw in books or movies..
Yoga is also to find the movements that feel good, to listen to the body and listen to the voice of our creativity.
When I saw this rock I  simply had to lean on it's unique shape, in a very pleasant backward-bend.
The rock underneath my back it felt so supportive and I could totally relax and feel alive in this position.
I thought 'this rock has my back!', which means as much when we say it from person to person, that we are there
for someone whatever happens. When I hear this phrase, I also think of being able to enjoy the 'free fall' that is life,
trusting to be caught by the loving hands of whatever we believe in!
For me: Family's got my back, Love's got my back, Life's got my back, Nature's got my back, Music's got my back,
Yoga's got my back...
With Yoga I create both a strong back and the hands to catch it.
Another thought that comes to my mind, a phrase my first yoga teacher used to say ' you are as young as your spine
is flexible!' And the good thing is, it is in the opportunities of many to do your spines and backs something good with the
practice of yoga, and literaly feel the years drop off...Stronger bodies for hearts wide open..
I thank my sweet Guru for the moments I can express it's grace into daily life!

Om Shanti,

Laura Anjali Leela Devi

#whosgotyourback? #whatsgotyourback? #youvegotyourback! #yogayourbackback

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